Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sarah we got your memo but we spilled beer on it, can you resend?

Ick. We feel the need to overreact. A bit. Pompous blowhards:

Shoe-salesman Tony Hsieh
I didn’t see anything that was trying to change the world
Textbook publisher Tim O'Reilly
...said he didn’t care whether Cocodot, one of the companies he judged, succeeded or failed because it was so meaningless in the world
And Sarah herself:
Here’s why this matters: Start-ups by definition don’t have the experience, market position, funding or resources to tackle obvious market opportunities. If what they’re trying to do makes clear business sense, a bigger, better-positioned company would do it. A start-up’s only edge is that it’s not built into legacy businesses and preconceived notions and can do something, well, crazy.
We think graffitego's response, while accurate, was too nice:
...was Google, Facebook, Microsoft, PayPal, YouTube, Dell, or Twitter revolutionary when they started? We're not too sure... While it may seem that start-ups are not very exciting at the beginning, we think they should be given time to grow and change.
OK, so O'Reilly and Hoffman and Hsieh are entertainers. They are there to put on a show, to dance and sing and pontificate for their supper Fair enough. That is the show that TechCrunch is hosting. So going to a show and seeing a bunch of widgets and addons and feeble little slow followers is boring to all and a failure for the TC guys.

Maybe they had nothing but dross to pick up and picked the best they could. Or maybe they are poor judges of talent (read entertaining startups). Or maybe they actually are good judges of startup potential but they were confused about their mission... it's a beauty pageant, not a talent show say the judges.
There are entrepreneurs somewhere building the next big companies. But it’s probably just a wonky side-project that no one—not even the entrepreneur himself—realizes is the next big thing. That’s who we need to drag on stage next year.
Yes Sarah. We are waiting on tenterhooks for you to show us and the world what the next big thing is. But first we need some anti-nausea medication.

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