Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Post & Riposte On GeoEngineering

Matt Yglesias had a cogent point on the situational ethics by the pro-geoengineering crowd:

What I think is remarkable is the extent to which people on the right, in their zeal to avoid a market mechanism that the business establishment happens to hate, have a tendency to talk up what instead amounts to a kind of Five Year Plan approach. Instead of regulating carbon, let’s just direct scientists of invent miracle trees! Let’s turn the sky red!
A touch to be sure.

Tyler Cowen ripostes

I find it interesting that the same environmentalists who are so sure that we know exactly how to slow the warming of the Earth by restricting greenhouse gas emissions, suddenly seem so unsure about what would happen if more sulfates were injected into the stratosphere.
In addition to being good theatre, and interesting to-boot, the points in this debate display the usual pattern of the left claiming the scientific high ground when it comes to identifying a supposed problem, but then ignoring all science when deciding on which solutions are applicable.

The other pattern here, of the economically liberal (call them right if you must) suddenly tossing aside market mechanisms when it suits them is all to obvious now with the entire financial world suddenly embracing socialised losses after pocketing their privatized profits.

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