Monday, March 1, 2010

Google voice needs elocution lessons

Update: I've just been going back over old posts, and commenting on things that are no longer up-to-date or relevant. And I'd like to say that, as of July 2012, the latest versions of Google's voice related products, while still not perfect, are pretty awesome.

It still has issues with unusual names, and even spelling out letter by letter is sometimes inconsistent — trouble with 'm' and 'n', etc. And I wish, if they had low confidence in their results, they would offer better options for entering corrective text. But, the success rate has gone dramatically up.

For fairly standard phrases it has been hitting a 100% success rate for me. And I mumble. So you can pretty much ignore the rest of this. Though it is still funny to read.

I like Google Voice well enough. I like being able to get access to my voicemail from the web. But their voice recognition is ungood. Given my experience with voice dialing from android I would be surprised if it was otherwise.

Sometime when I read their transcription of a voice message it is enough for me to get a sense of what is going on. Almost never is it good enough to allow me not to listen to the message. Most times it is comically unreadable.

Hey, yeah this is the comp and I just leave a message here. Yeah I have. V. C. A. V. Chris You have to go 5 that does our X the daddy and you're looking for the Front Page. You, yeah so i just want to see if they have 2 different tight one get. I have sent the one doesn't have a sense it and then one that have boy who. 8. Now is the one bed without sincere right now and if you want. Please give me a call. My number is [number came in fine: ag] I can check check it out. Let's see the one that you've got business sense or not. My number is [number came in fine: ag] My name is Millie, thank you bye.

I have no idea who this is, or what it is about.

UPDATE: As it turns out this was a guy, whose name wasn't Millie, calling about an apointment to replace a cracked windshield. Obvious, really. When you read closely. We apologize for our criticism. Thanks Goog!

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  1. Good to know it's not just. I keep trying to leave myself voicemail to do notes, and I was afraid I sounded like Joe Pesci.